This warranty is applicable only to the first bicycle owner whose personal data is recorded in the warranty certificate delivered with the item. Therefore, none of the rights provided for therein to the original purchaser can be transferred to any third party. This warranty is valid in the whole world for Revolton products purchased directly or indirectly through official distributors and/or authorized dealers of the Revolton trademark. The terms of this warranty do not affect the consumer rights provided for by the laws in force.

Our bicycles are warranted for a period of 24 months from the date of purchasing as resulting from the date of the invoice going with the product shipment.
Our warranty covers any possible manufacturing or material defects.
In the event that you should presume a defect in your Revolton bicycle, please do not hesitate to contact us before returning it to us. You can send your request to the email address here below within 60 days after finding the possible defect:

Any defective items must be shipped to Revolton complete with the original packaging, use and maintenance handbooks, if any, and any accessories included in the original packaging.
Any defective items shall be returned to Revolton free to our warehouse with freight prepaid.


The warranty is considered cancelled in the event that:
- The product has been damaged as a consequence of accidents or bad use;
- The cause ascertained is due to negligence or improper maintenance and is not due to material or manufacturing faults;
- Wrong assembling is ascertained;
- Any maintenance, changes or repairing have been made by unauthorized staff and/or with the use of non-original spare parts;
- Damages have been caused by transport or unfit packaging,
- Damages have been caused by normal wearing of the product;
This warranty does not cover products used for sport contests.
The return of a product neither extends nor suspends the validity term of the warranty.

Please take note that:
The warranty cannot be transferred and applies only to the original purchaser.
The warranty does not cover wearable parts such as tires and inner tubes, brake blocks, sprockets, rims, cables and sheaths, as well as the manpower required for their replacement.
A document proving the purchase of the product is required for the warranty to be valid.
Any article repaired or replaced under warranty will be covered for a period equivalent to the remaining warranty coverage time of the original item.
The product must always be installed, repaired and used in compliance with the instructions provided for by Revolton. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions can damage the product and cause severe accidents.


Revolton decline any and all liabilities for damages to any third parties, persons, animals and things connected with an improper, irresponsible, thoughtless or negligent use of the bicycle.
Theft, loss, damage or accidental break of the bicycle do not give right to any replacement . Any other indemnity and/or damage that can be considered by the purchaser shall be excluded by Revolton including – but not limited to – the compensation for accidental, direct or indirect damages.

Revolton do not warranty that the information contained in their web site is in compliance with the jurisdiction of every Country and that the products published in the site are allowed for purchase and sale in all jurisdictions.

The on-the-road use of bicycles is submitted to local rules, codes and laws; therefore, the Revolton bicycles may require further adaptations of the original configuration in order to comply with them (for example: brakes, lights, acoustic warning devices).

Revolton will not take any liabilities upon themselves if the brake, light, acoustic warning equipment does not comply with the local rules in force.

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