Our bicycles are built and assembled entirely by hand, using traditional materials, tools and manufacturing processes together with the most modern design technologies, to offer a product that is a symbol of both quality and passion.


Just like for any top-of-the line bicycle, our manufacturing process begins with the frame that is tailor designed to meet each client’s requirements and to match the correct anthropometrical dimensions.

The Columbus® steel tubes are accurately prepared and then brazed with a special brass alloy. Finally, the frame is entirely chrome-plated* and powder-painted to ensure the greatest possible resistance against all weather conditions.
(* only for the GranLasco model)


Rims and handlebars are manufactured by joining up to 7 layers of laminated aged beech veneer, CNC machined and then finished with the patience of skilled hands before being treated and varnished.

Our handlebars, built using the same process, are designed to offer maximum comfort and an unmistakable design.


Our wheel hubs* are created from a block of 7075 aluminium alloy, polished and then chrome-plated to guarantee the highest possible resistance to atmospheric agents.

They are equipped with sealed ball bearings that reduce friction to a minimum and ensure silent operation, while the ISO pinion eliminates any bothersome play in the transmission.
(* only available on GranLasco)


Our sails are hand sewn and finished using waterproof and extremely resistant sailcloths, such as Dacron®, or traditional sailing fabrics such as Tela Olona made of pure hemp.

The sails are attached using nylon ropes and special steel eyelets welded to the frame.


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