The Revolton bicycles are handmade following the customer’s requirements regarding the characteristics and measurements of the frame, painting, customization, equipment etc., and are therefore to be considered as unique pieces.
Therefore, there may be some differences, even remarkable, with respect to the models shown on our site and to any other bicycle manufactured for other customers.
Revolton decline any liabilities for the choices made by the customer when deciding the bicycle configuration, though warrantying the correct functioning and assisting the customers to configure their bicycles to the best.


Make sure that the handlebar is installed in the correct position, in order to have optimal ergonomics and control of the bicycle, and that the screw to lock the handlebar to the lug is well tightened (tightening torque 20Nm); if it is not tight, wrong movement or loosening of the steering may occur. Check periodically that the handlebar screw is well tightened to secure correct use.
Correct maintenance and use of the bicycle will extend its life. It is therefore recommended that handlebar and rims be kept clean , removing dirt and saltiness with soft water and a cloth.
Do not use any cleaning products that may damage the painting or the material.


Our frames are designed and made to withstand the continuous stress of the urban environment and the use on asphalt covered roads. An improper use of the bicycle and an increased amount of stress due to repeated shocks, sport contests or off-the-road use, however, can cause the deterioration of the frame.
Our frames are powder painted to ensure a quality, long lasting and resistant finish, but painting can be damaged by shocks, scratches and the use of very aggressive cleaning products. It is recommended to apply to a specialized shop when purchasing the best cleaning and maintenance products in the market.
We would also advise against a prolonged exposure to weathering, as this can cause malfunctioning and deterioration of the bicycle frame. Remove any traces of saltiness that may corrode the metal by using soft water.


Our ergal hubs are made to ensure perfect operation in the long run. However, they require periodical maintenance to preserve their perfect efficiency. It is important to keep them clean, by removing dust, dirt, mud and rubble, and to lubricate all moving parts periodically. The hub bearings are sealed and need no maintenance.

As any other mechanical device, the bicycle and its components are submitted to wear and stress. Different materials and mechanisms react to wear and stress in different degrees and times and have different life cycles. If the useful life of a component is exceeded, this can break suddenly and irreparably, with possible severe accidents to the bicycle rider. Scratches, cracks and discolorations are all signs indicating that the part has undergone excessive fatigue, has reached the limit of its useful life and must be replaced.


Revolton conform to the General Sales Conditions of the European Union in the matter of remote contracts. You are entitled to return any article purchased from Revolton within 14 days from receipt of the goods.

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase our Revolton products.


The prices of our products are inclusive of the Value Added Tax (VAT). The VAT shall not be applicable for orders shipped to non-EU Countries or to Tax Free zones. Shipments to said Countries or zones shall be invoiced net of the VAT. Please bear in mind that local taxes or import duties may be applicable. For further details, please apply to your local customs offices. All prices indicated or communicated are net of the shipments costs.

Delivery Terms

The manufacturing process requires approx. 45 to 60 days from the confirmation of order. This period of time may vary according to the availability of the components supplied by third parties.
This period of time starts from receipt of payment of the total amount of the order by bank remittance to the Revolton current account.
The product will be shipped within 15 working days from completion of manufacturing, unless a different delivery date is required at the time of order. 15 working days are referred to the time when the product is consigned to the forwarding agent appointed with delivery. If it is not possible to keep the delivery date indicated in the confirmation of order and the new estimated delivery date exceeds further 10 days, you will be contacted for arrangements on a new delivery date.
The delivery date for the purchased product will be confirmed to you by e-mail, with a delivery note including the delivery note number.


Payments will be accepted exclusively by bank remittance to the bank references that will be indicated to you once you have confirmed your will to proceed with the order. The only information in possession of Revolton is your personal data, necessary to identify you as user and to deliver the purchased products to your address. No information regarding payments is residing in the Revolton servers. Such information is stored in the servers of the Bank Institute connected with Revolton. The only exception is in the event that you require the return of a product with the consequent reimbursement of the price paid.

Property of Data

Revolton have produced the images and copies contained in this site. This set of information is a property of Revolton and cannot be used by any third party without their explicit consent. The Revolton web site has been created to be viewed by final users. Any other use or reproducing of copies and images, also by means of automatic proceedings such as spidering, shall be considered as infringement of copyright and are therefore expressly forbidden, unless otherwise specifically arranged with Revolton in writing.

Information Accuracy

The colors on the screen are generated electronically and, therefore, they can differ from the real ones. Their perception can be strongly affected by materials, finish, light conditions and by the computer screen in use. For this reason, Revolton cannot warranty that the colors used for their products are faithfully reproduced on this web site. Changes to this legal information can be made unilaterally without notice to third parties. Revolton commit themselves to publish any change in these pages so as to always provide up-to-date information.

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