Granlasco e Lasco bicycles

When night storms break out on the Val Chiavenna mountains, north of Lake Como, the following morning the lake is lashed by a strong wind well known to sailors, a wind that the locals call Revultun, in their Como dialect.

This is the origin of the brand name and where the story of the Revolton bicycle begins.

A story inspired by the wish to celebrate two seemingly different worlds with similar history and traditions: sailing and cycling.
Two worlds where passion and hard work, genius and technical skills have made Italy, and Lake Como, a land of master craftsmen, shipwrights and carpenters, a land where simple and beautiful objects are manufactured to plough the waves and to climb peaks. Two worlds that share the same courage and generate the same emotions.

Wood, steel, leather, aluminium combined with the art of moulding any material with skill, hard work and patience, using tools and methods handed down from father to son, with the aim of creating timeless and unique items: these are the basic ingredients of our creations.

Revolton bicycles are entirely handcrafted on request, one by one, with the care and passion of Italian artisans, using exclusively Italian components, in Como, Italy.


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